Onion Creek

With over 10 years of supporting your very neighborhood, Onion Creek is one of our primary support locations.

Ask your neighbors about who they use for Computer Support and you’ll likely find that they’re long time customers of Housecall Computer Services.

Call Housecall Computer Services at 512.396.8324


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Email: repair@housecallcomputerservices.com

(512) 396 – 8324 – Est. 2001: Providing fast, friendly, expert on-site technical support and computer repair in central, TX.  On-site and remote technical support is available to solve today’s toughest computer problems.  Accurate estimates can be provided over the phone and prices are less than you’d expect.  Virus removal is our specialty and we pride ourselves in removing today’s worst viruses without losing system files and settings.

  • DO NOT let the name fool you. We have employees who use them for issues at home, but Housecall Computer Services has provided solutions for our business since 2004. They set up our secure network, maintain our servers, established several back up messures for sensitive data, and much more. They have even provided remote solutions in time sensitive situations during odd hours of the day or night. Give them a try, you will be glad you did. -Cal Hero, Golden Senior Advisors
  • “After years of going through different computer services, paying expensive charges for poor service and slow response, someone recommended Todd. How satisfied are we? Well, we use him for the home and office computers to solve both software and hardware problems. We consider him to be so trustworthy that he has access to our home so he can schedule a house call and we don’t even have to be there. He has even help us decide on what type of laptop or PC we should purchase for our particular needs, installed the software, insructed us on it’s use and has unbelievable patience with those of us that are rather “computer handicapped”. We would give Todd and his company the highest recommendation possible.” – Thea Dake, LCSW
  • This is the best service EVER! I know many people think they know enough about computers to get around with no problems, but the truth is, everyone needs some help from time to time. I had accidentally deleted some really important files and after no time, Todd was able to recover all of them. The great thing is, it is not just housecalls. Todd was able to access my computer through his computer remotely. I was in Oklahoma and he is in Texas so this was perfect. It was great! I would recommend them to anyone and everyone! Thank you a million Todd!! – Amy Feekin, Student, Oklahoma University (OU)
  • I have used their services for several years at my business here in Houston, TX. Todd is able to log in remotely and repair whatever the issue is, without me having to pack up my computer and take it to store somewhere. Todd is personable, friendly, and can explain the technical aspects in a way that is easy to understand. -Sandi Fredrickson
  • I have worked with many technicians and IT techs over the years and House Call Computers ranks right up there with the very best. Incredibly skilled and fast as well as super dependable! -Michele Schalin, Josiesque Designs
  • Todd and John at Housecalls in San Marcos have been a godsend to me. They really do come to my house whenever I have a problem with my computer. I’ve never found anyone else who offers such an affordable and comprehensive service. They are very professional, and know their stuff! -Barbara Trepagnier – Author: Silent Racism – Silentracism.com
  • I have done dozens of business transactions with Todd. I keep coming back because he treats my customers like they should be treated. He’s honest, ethical, and responsive. Regarding his responsiveness, Todd doesn’t eat. Machines don’t need food. If you’re a Small to Medium business, or a residential customer, I would call Housecall Computers first. -Steve
  • They are the best … smart, cutting edge, and trustworthy! They have totally changed my operating system to work for itself. Doing this has saved me time and money. -Terri Hendrix, Terrihendrix.com
  • Todd is personable, friendly, informative, competent and reliable. He has always been quick to respond to my calls for help. He is there when he says he will be. And he fixes things fast! -Eric
  • No matter the issue Housecalls can fix it! They’ve even made my son’s XBOX360 run smoother! Affordable, reliable service. BIG thumbs up! -Christi Lee Smith, The Qutable Quill
  • Great service and wonderful people! They help you with all of your computer challenges and as a result you are less stressed and have more time to do other things! -Rita Karydas