Anti-virus programs protect your computer from damage and they also prevent you from unknowingly passing a virus to family and friends through email or files.  It is also important for each user to understand safe browsing habits to prevent a reinfection of a virus onto your system.  HCS is able to provide guidance regarding safe browsing habits and other advice to avoid virus infections.  Safe browsing habits can help cut down on the number of viruses that find their way onto your network, but if you are serious about keeping your computers in good condition, an anti virus program will be a necessary part of your security.  Our technicians can help you choose the best anti-virus software to meet your needs and your budget.  We can also help configure these programs to make sure that malicious hacker programs are detected and destroyed, while beneficial ones are allowed to operate.  Keeping these programs up to date is essential for the program to work properly, and HCS can help ensure that you have the best protection possible.

Rootkit infections have been more popular lately and impressive in their ability to override antivirus applications and render an infected computer useless.

Housecall can  resolve Rootkit:ZeroAccess and the TDSS rootkit without re-installing windows and removing all of your installed applications.

Houscall Computer Services is the premiere provider of virus removal in Central Texas.